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How to port existing numbers to jio?

How to port existing numbers to jio?

The leading telecommunication service provider is the favourite of many. Despite giving the least amount of advertisements, jio has maximum customers. The user base has been rising far and wide. Porting your existing mobile number to jio network can help in receiving better network coverage at lower prices.

The entire Telecom industry was taken aback when Reliance launched the jio telecom service. It offered unlimited internet and calling all for free. Eventually the prices were kept so low that on an average they fell around 200 rupees per month. The unlimited scheme from jio compelled other Telecom operators to follow suit. This eventually resulted in lowered telecom prices all over India.

Ever since jio/ jiofi has launched, it is receiving a strong user base and appreciation. It had a whooping 9.7 GB of average data consumption per person and 716 minute voice call. The video consumption was over 240 crores hours which was slightly difficult to believe.

Jio applications continued to remain Highly popular. The tariff plan gave a huge sigh of relief to the customers as they could avail maximum discount at minimal prices.

  • SMS port ( your existing mobile number) and send it to 1900
  • You will immediately receive sms that will comprise of UPC code along with the expiry date.
  • Move to the nearest jio Store with the unique porting code received.
  • Do not forget to carry the original documents such as aadhar card or PAN card. These documents will be helpful in registering the jio phone number under your name.

Make sure that you have no use remaining from your current operator as it will end up creating issues.

  • According to the governmental regulations, it will take at least three days for the successful validation and activation after the number is activated.
  • It takes around 15 days to process the port request from Assam, North East and Jammu and Kashmir. The services will continue to exist and would not get interrupted during the intervening period.
  • Make sure that you download the jio app bundle in your handset in order to generate an offer code. You need to walk on to the jio store in order to get your number ported. Alternatively, you can also visit the nearby recharge shop and get the KYC verification done to fulfill the jio port task. Always provide the jio port code number to the person assisting you.

How much money am I required to pay for porting my sim to jio?

Porting your phone number to jio is absolutely free of cost. Somehow, the person responsible for porting your number might charge a small amount of money such as 50 rupees for doing the needful. You will be expected to recharge the jio number then and there and the first recharge cannot be done by the customer himself.

It will take around 24 – 48 hours for your sim to activate. You will also be given a helpline number where you can contact the customer care executive and find out when the SIM will get active.

Things to be remembered while porting to jio-

  • Get in touch with the shopkeeper who is ready to Port your sim card to jio network.
  • Send SMS to 1900
  • Save the porting code
  • Take your phone number to the concerned shopkeeper and he will give you the ported number sim of jio
  • It will take around 5 – 7 days for the jio network to get activated.
  • You will receive zero signals in your mobile phone the moment your jio sim is activated. It is then when you need to insert the given sim in your mobile phone slot.
  • You might not receive any signal from jio for a couple of hours.
  • Eventually the signal will activate and you will be able to enjoy jio Sim service from then onwards
  • You can get in touch with the customer care number given by the shopkeeper to know when will the network arrive in the new jio SIM.
  • Receive offers and benefits from jio while enjoying its service.

Jio has been providing world class services to the customers all over India. It all began with 4G network and jio Wi-Fi devices. People who were devoid of 4G smartphones could still avail the benefits of 4 G network with the help of a portable router in the form of jio Wi-Fi device.

Final Words

Every festive season comes with more offers and benefits from Reliance jio. Exceptionally, there are benefits for the customers because more than securing profits, Reliance believes in serving humanity. You can enjoy a number of entertainment applications and fastest 4G connection. with the widest coverage and unlimited data, you would never feel like shifting to any other network after this full. Jio 4G is definitely going to be your one end destination for high speed internet and 4G phone calls.

How to check jio number?

 How to check jio number?

You can easily find the jio number with the help of an application available on the Google Play Store. Sometimes, remembering your own phone number become difficult because of having a new sim will stop in that case, jiofi has come up with the step by step guide find out the number without needing to call anyone-

  • Download and install jio application
  • Launch my new application and sign in with the help of sim. the application will identify the jio sim in your device on its own.
  • Locate the jio number at the top of the screen and you can save it straight away

Having an internet data is the most important thing to find out your jio number. You can sign in with the SIM to know how things work

 How to check jio number # method 2

  • Send SMS to 199
  • Jio (IMEI)

 How to check jio number # method 3

If you are wondering how to find out jio phone number Through any other phone, you can follow the below mentioned steps –

SMS jio 123456789123456 at 199

 How to check jio number # method 4

 if you do not know my jio number, it becomes difficult to recharge the phone and also execute several other tasks. For any registration, you need to provide your jio number in order to move ahead.

  • SMS myplan to 199 and you will be able to get the exact phone number of your sim.

The company will immediately message you account details with your phone number. This will help you to find your number without undergoing any hassle.

 How to check jio number # method 5

 make a phone call on another mobile

The easiest way to check your jio phone number is to make a call on any other mobile phone. This will reflect your phone number on another gadget from where you can extract the jio SIM number details.

 How to check jio number # method 6

Call customer care

Another best way to find out your jio phone number details is by calling the customer care. This will help you to get the answer for the required question immediately.

How to check jio number FAQ

  • What is the simplest way to check for jio number?

You can send an SMS to 199 by typing MY PLAN to find out your phone number. The jio application is an alternate way to know how things work. You can find out about the current plants and upcoming offers through the jio application.

  • How to find out the details of my jio number?

The only way to find out the details of your jio phone number is finding the USSD code and typing them to know the existing plans in your mobile phone.

  • Is there any other way to check out jio phone number details online?

Technically, the only way to check out your jio phone number details online is by downloading the jio application from the Google Play Store.

Jio as a brand is helping customers in every possible way. No matter whether it is about availing the SIM or giving details about it, the company makes every possible effort to keep the customers satisfied. The best smartphones have the most high tech workability nowadays. Jio is Not just about making phone calls but also about getting connected to the world through the internet. The HD calls from jio are highly impressive as they help in getting connected with the world without any exorbitant charges.

Ever since Alexander Graham Bell invented phones, the technology has been increasing far and wide. People from all parts of the world are enjoying staying connected with their loved ones and also sharing pictures with each other.

Why should I use jio Sim?

Well, you already know the answer for this question and that is the reason why you made up your mind to buy a jio sim. Reliance jio is reportedly helping users to enjoy the cheapest 4G service. The company took an initiative to put an end to the expensive 3G charges and brought a network with a better coverage. It came up with impressive tariff plans that literally made calling a free phenomena. The excellent audio quality and much impressive jio plan helped the users to get over with their existing numbers and start using the jio Sim.

Apart from all the services provided by jio, it also delivers free 100 SMS that is the maximum limit set by TRAI. Earlier, the telecom companies charged heavy prices for the SMS packs. Jio has helped the customers to get several complementary services that were otherwise quite expensive.

So, if you have just moved on to the new jio Network and do not know your phone number, quickly follow our guide to know your jio SIM card number. you can enjoy free caller tunes, SMS and enjoy a lot with the amazing Telecom service from Reliance.

How to upgrade jiofi firmware?

How to upgrade jiofi firmware

Reliance jio Wi-Fi portable internet router allows to connect up to 31 devices at the time. Majority of the time the jiofi device comes up with old versions of firmware which can create hindrances in the internet connection. Instead of facing a bad User experience, simply upgrade the jiofi firmware and enjoy high speed internet connection without any glitches.

Majority of the bugs and issues are fixed automatically as soon as you upgrade to the latest version of jiofi firmware. The speed and the performance exorbitantly improves as compared to the previous version. Also, upgrading the device puts an end to any kind of underlying internal error that can be a cause behind present or future discrepancies.

Upkeeping the performance of the portable jiofi device includes upgrading the firmware from time to time. It does not have any arrangements for automatic update and therefore the customer has to manage the required steps manually.

How to find the latest jiofi firmware?

Users can find the latest version of the jiofi in the local jiofi HTML website. Once you pay a visit to jiofi. Local. HTML you will be able to find all the details straight away on that page. Choose the exact jiofi model you have brought and the firmware will be available on that very page. Simply download that and your device is bound to perform better than before.

Step by step guide to upgrade jiofi firmware-

You have to follow the step-by-step guide we have written downwards so that you can have a flawless but an experience. Use your login credentials and it will be very easy for you to enjoy the latest version of jiofi firmware for the best Internet speed-

  • Connect your jiofi device with the power source if it is not charged.
  • Connect the router device with PC or a mobile phone and visit the official jiofi. Local. HTML page
  • After you reached out the router admin page, the next step is to provide your credentials. in case you have forgotten your credentials, the best would be to reset the router in order to put it in the default mode.
  • Use of advance option after login in and you will find configuration backup options over there
  • Take a backup of all the jiofi data and launch the settings option after that
  • Choose firmware upgrade and click on the browse option to download the latest file
  • Choose the apply option to start with the update process. The process will take place on its own. This might take a couple of minutes and you need to wait for that.
  • The latest firmware is now ready to be used in your jiofi device. If the computer does not reboot automatically, do it manually.

Updating the router is always the best way to repair the faulty internet connection and avoid the incoming issues. Sometimes, the device might not work well and may indicate the same in some or the other way. However, jiofi from Reliance does not always help in fixing up the issues.

Majority of the time, you need to use a desktop to upgrade the device. However, recently with jio fi mobile application, the procedure has been simplified manifold.

Things to be kept in mind while downloading the device firmware –

  • Do not visit any other website apart from the official one in order to download the genuine version of the firmware.
  • Navigate to the section where it is possible to update the firmware. you will usually find the firmware option in the system setup, administration or advanced section of the router.
  • Choose the update option on the exact firmware that would be beneficial for you. Let the process execute.
  • It is very important to allow the process to get executed on its own without interrupting it in the middle. Any kind of interruptions can result in the requirement of starting the process straight away from the beginning.
  • The official website of jio will be helping you to know the exact process of firmware update. Therefore it is always recommended to pay a visit to it before initiating the process.

Sometimes, certain router models come up with automatic formula updates which are very beneficial for the users. the jiofi device does not come with this facility and you need to manage things on your own.

 Final words

Updating the firmware of the router is not a very lengthy process but a simple one. If you have to frequently switch off and switch on your device because of the lower internet speed, maybe it is the firmware of the device that is the male culprit. The slightest of neglect in case of cyber security can result in a great threat upon your data and Bank savings. Therefore, it is always important to keep everything updated including the firmware of the router to enjoy unprecedented security and internet connection.

How to factory reset jiofi device?

How to factory reset jiofi device?

Even if you remember the login credentials and everything is going well, still resetting the jio device from time to time is something that will keep the network speed going very well. The jiofi.local.HTML page is the destination that will be asking you for the credentials in order to erase all the custom settings that you have made in the gadget. The hard reset option is meant to erase the device credentials straight away to the factory mode settings. In case you just want a little amount of speed stimulation, maybe a soft reset will be enough for you.

Factory reset helps in putting everything back to the exact mode from where it all started. It includes changing the username and the password to the exact way it existed when the device was built in the factory.

Resetting the jiofi device is a very important and easy task to do. If you have made any unwanted changes and wish to revert them back, the admin panel section will help you to revert back all the settings made so far.

How do we factory reset the jiofi settings?

Here are the easiest steps that the users can follow to get rid of the settings that they don’t want anymore-

  • Catch hold of the jiofi device in your hand and remove the back cover to move ahead with the further process.
  • Locate the reset option towards the back panel of the router and you need to press that for at least 30 seconds.
  • If you cannot press the option with the bear finger just pick up a sharp object and use that to do the needful.
  • After 30 seconds are over just leave the reset option in the gadget and it will start blinking certain lights to restart itself.
  • After the gadget reboots, you will be able to put the device in the factory mode.
  • you can visit the jiofi local HTML page and manage other settings yourself.

What is the jiofi hard reset option?

If you just cannot recall what password and username that was set a few time ago, jiofi comes with a hard reset option to keep you away from any potential issues. Any kind of existing error can be eliminated with the factory reset option that helps the users to continue using the device as smoothly as possible. in order to manage the factory settings of the gadget, there is the the reset option located at the back panel of the jiofi device for stop the main purpose is to put back the hardware in the default settings so that new ones can be made.

The brand LYF is producing the amazing jiofi devices that work as a magic when it comes to distributing fine quality internet connection. You just have to insert a jio SIM in the tiny gadget and it starts with distribution of internet connection straightaway. Encountering any login issues or facing your internet connection, anything and everything is manageable with the All-in-One jiofi router.

  • The process for hard reset in the jiofi device remains the same as the default reset option.
  • After you have successfully managed to reset the jiofi device, the next step is to move towards the official website so that you can set your own username and the password.
  • The default username and a password for each jiofi device is administrator. Provide the details and you will get everything on the home screen of the gadget.
  • You can update the username and the password for the device and manage simple steps. The easy steps  to factory reset make it possible for the gadget to work again easily.
  • Changing the default credentials as well as the custom settings from time to time through the reset option helps in unauthorised Access to the gadget.

How to hard reset a jiofi device to restore the previous settings?

No matter whether it is about automatic reboot, removing the system error and fighting with the network issues, all the common problems can be easily managed with the jiofi rooted reset option located at the back of the device.

The hard setting in the jiofi immediately put an end to the discrepancies thereby making the router to work flawlessly once again.

Is it really hard to reset the jiofi device?

The process is not at all hard as it just requires a couple of minutes to be executed. The reset option lets the user manage the WPS security settings easily. You can use a pin or a sharp object to do the needful and avoid creating any damages to the router.

No other website apart from the official one will help you to upgrade the jiofi firmware and set the new credentials once again.

What is jio Wi-Fi calling how to use it?

What is jio Wi-Fi calling how to use it?

Wi-Fi calling is one of the best features from jio technology that allows the users to make and receive calls on Wi-Fi using their existing number.

Benefits of using jio Wi-Fi calling-

  • Helps the users to get the strongest network with absolutely uninterrupted and crystal clear calls.
  • Help the users in tackling the signal issues and keep them away from cellular dark zones.
  • The official website of jio Technology gives all the information about jio Wi-Fi calling and hacks.
  • No additional charges from the existing voice plan.

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Facts about jio Wi-Fi calling-

  • Jio Wi-Fi free calling supports more than 150 varieties of hundred.
  • The service works in every part of India without any extra charges.

The video and voice calling service from Reliance jio allows the users to use the best network across the country. The service is also known as vowifi because it has a double benefits of Wi-Fi and 4G volte call. The jio customers can Undertake Wi-Fi from 150 handsets. It helps them to access Wi-Fi straight away from their homes and offices without any hassles. Jio is constantly testing the service and working hard to deliver a robust performance to the users.

Key features of jio Wi-Fi calling –

  • One can talk on almost any Wi-Fi network.
  • The voice and video calls help the users to switch in between volte and Wi-Fi
  • The jio Wi-Fi users have the largest ecosystem of handsets.
  • Jio customers can easily make a video over Wi-Fi calls

Are there any charges for Wi-Fi calling from jio?

No absolutely not there are no additional charges for jio Wi-Fi calling for any Indian number. Even if you make a call while it is on roaming, the jio Wi-Fi calling does not come with extra charges for it. There are several benefits that the customers can enjoy in the form of HD calling. As long as your smartphone is capable of performing Wi-Fi calling with the active jio tariff plan, you can enjoy a great service for free at any point of time you want.

Step-by-step guide to enable Wi-Fi calling from jio?

Carefully follow the instructions that we have shared on this page to enable jio Wi-Fi calling in your existing handset and direct plan.

  • Activate Wi-Fi calling feature in your device and move further.
  • Get connected with the Wi-Fi network so that you can make free Wi-Fi calls

How to make free Wi-Fi calls using jio Wi-Fi network?

  • After you have set up jio Wi-Fi calling there are no certain steps and procedures that have to be followed. Your phone automatically interchanges between the Wi-Fi and the cellular settings depending on which one is better.
  • Jio wi-fi service consumes a very little amount of data during the phone and video calls. With less than half MB data consumed per minute of voice calling you will never find any difficulty in having a conversation with your loved ones using the jio Wi-Fi network.
  • The all new service from jio Wi-Fi works equally well in both iOS and Android handsets. The service from jio delivers high speed internet connection on all the handsets.
  • Apart from having a handset that supports the service, you should also have a device that allows you to access high speed internet connection so as to get the best speed from jio. The latest version of the software should be present in the device.

More information about jio Wi-Fi calling

After all the networks, jio has finally come up with a Wi-Fi feature that gives a breakthrough to the users. Earlier the service was only available for the Airtel users and now it can be used by the jio users as well. A fully functional smartphone supports jio Wi-Fi calling so that the domestic calls from the telephone operators are not required to be paid.

In case of calling that is made within the boundaries of India, zero charges have to be paid. However if the calling is made on an international level, the users have to make the payment for enjoying this particular feature.

Both Airtel and jio are offering free  voice Wi-Fi services for the domestic users. The Wi-Fi calling can be only used when the phone is connected to the Wi-Fi network and there is an application installed for that. If the phone is not connected on the Wi-Fi network you have to use the regular 4G network.

You can get your phone checked with the nearby jio centre to activate the Wi-Fi calling feature from the company. Also the online video tutorials will help you to find out how to activate jio Wi-Fi calling on Android and IOS handsets.

How to change jiofi login username and password?

How to change jiofi login username and password?

Changing the login credentials from time to time is always a healthy practice. Since there are always preying eyes over the internet, changing passwords keeps the user away from unwanted scams and hacks.

The jio hotspot service readily distributes high speed internet connection to five devices at a time. However, just like any other internet service, it can create a lot of hassle for the user if they are not aware about their credentials. Even if you have been regularly using the jio Wi-Fi hotspot, you still need to know the credentials well. At any point of time you can get logged out from the device because of which entering the correct details in order to start using the internet connection again remains important. If you do not remember jio Wi-Fi username or password, we have shared a guide that can help you substantially.

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A person might feel like securing the connection because of several reasons. The first one is to secure the connection and customise the network name. The second reason may be because of the security reasons. In any form you should always keep the jio Wi-Fi login username and the password intact to help yourself to enjoy a better service.

Step by step guide to manage jiofi login username and password?

  • Power supply your jio Wi-Fi device

You need to switch on your device as the first step to make any changes in it. Majority of the time the users can find the default jiofi password and the username in the back of the package box. Also, one can locate the credential under the battery towards the back of the device.

  • Connect a digital gadget with the jiofi device

Connect your internet with jio Wi-Fi device managing the wireless settings. You can input 192. 168. 225.1 In the web browser URL to reach the jio Wi-Fi settings page. Login the previous jio Wi-Fi password and username or use the default once if you have not changed them earlier.

  • Changing the jiofi password

You will get an option to change the password under the network – Wi-Fi configuration – secured key.

  • Select the password

Choose a password and save the changes for future purpose. You can customise the password by choosing a complex combination of alphabets, number and symbols.

How to change network name in jiofi device?

The network name SSID should never reveal your personal details elss it will become easier for the hackers to intrude. If you want to change the profile network name, here we have brought a guideline for that-

  • Choose network
  • Wi-Fi configuration
  • Change SSID field
  • Select the name that you want to save is the jiofi network name. This particular name will be reflecting whenever you will try to search for the jio Wi-Fi in order to connect with the network.

Activating the jio sim card is also not an issue because the company has established jio centres in almost every City. Eventually, the brand started with the number portability service that helps the customers to continue with their previous numbers with jio network India sim cards. The data speed from jio has always been as fast as it used to be earlier. Only in remote areas, there has been a problem with the jio internet speed. Rest, majority of the India is having a good time with high quality jio telecom service.

The first LTE

No doubt jio has brought a revolution in terms of workability and efficiency. Despite bringing a better service coverage,  jio never thought of enhancing the charges of the internet speed and telecommunication. It indeed brought several free plans which made the brand go viral in no time. People who were not having jio smartphones purchased the jio Wi-Fi device that help them to undertake the 4G speed in their existing smartphones. The price of the device was kept very nominal at 2000 rupees.

Voice calls and SMS in jio smartphones are absolutely free. There are so many extra services such as caller tune and jio mobile applications that provide a lot of free entertainment services over the internet. Jio for the draught the revolution of free roaming that helped one to escape The exorbitant Telecom charges on travelling. Now, you are just expected to pay for the data and there is no need to worry for any extra roaming charges at all.

With more and more people using the jio network, it is very important to keep yourself safe and away from any hacks. Keep on scrolling data but make sure that nobody is able to track you online. Keep on changing the password and the username and also put an identifiable SSID name. The higher security parameters one undertakes, the better it would be for the user.

How to Activate Call Waiting on Jio ?

How to activate waiting in jio?

Majority of Android empowered Smartphones naturally have the call forwarding and waiting feature activated. but the jio phones might not have them sometimes. if you have the old school jio phone model that needs special steps to be followed to activate call waiting, we have brought a full dedicated article for that. Call waiting is undoubtedly a great feature that helps us to know who the upcoming caller is while we are already on a telephonic conversation with someone. It helps us to attend the important calls even while we are in the middle of conversation. This saves us from unseen losses and circumstances. Sometimes, missing out a phone call can be something very dangerous or losing. Therefore the call waiting feature at least helps us to know who was the caller was trying to contact us when there was an ongoing call with someone else.

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What is the call waiting feature?

The call waiting is notified from the beep sound coming from the background while one is busy in another call. The new incoming calls while one is already on another call is taken as the call waiting. The short sound in the form of beep helps in notifying the user. The call of the previous caller does not get disconnected on its own. Until and unless you yourself put an end or choose to hold the previous, the ongoing call will continue along with the background beep sound that signifies the call waiting.

Call waiting feature is very important for businesses where each and every call is considered important. By utilizing this feature of call waiting, the company does not message any important or voice mail.

Benefits of call waiting feature in jio phone-

  • The feature keeps you notified for the new incoming call and does not disconnect the old one.
  • You can send a Voicemail to the incoming caller.
  • You can put the previous call on hold or simply create conferencing by choosing the relevant option.

How to activate call forwarding in jio phone?

Activating call forwarding in jio phone needs you to follow the below mentioned steps-

  • Dial * 401 * 10 digit number for activating call forwarding unconditional.
  • Dial * 403 * 10 digit mobile number for call forwarding no answer

Step by step guide to activate call waiting in jio phone-

  • You don’t have to activate the call waiting service separately because in the majority of the devices as it comes preactivated. However, you can still manage the settings with the help of call waiting and check out if it is inactive.
  • Always remember that call waiting is only possible when there is an active SIM in the device. If at any point you are unable to activate the call waiting feature in the jio phone, you need to get in touch with the operator or nearby jio Centre.
  • The HD voice calls on jio have impressed users from all over India. People can now experience clear Network and cheaper network rates with the one and only jio mobile phones. Even in a noisy environment, jio allows us to have crystal clear conversations just like the person is standing next to you.
  • Reliance has always been bringing a revolutions in terms of mobile technology. It has been constantly making efforts to reduce the charges of the internet and calling in the best possible way. Recently the 199 plan from the company allowed the users to have unlimited 4G high speed internet along with seamless calling experience.
  • The HD voice from jio Technology uses wideband audio Technology and noise cancellation. The voice conversations become all the more natural and work without any problems. In order to experience HD voice, the person calling and the person receiving the phone should have an HD network like jio.

Are there any alternatives available for volte?

So far there are no alternatives available for volte Network and you have to purchase a handset that supports 4G in any case. 2G and 3G connection works fast but not as efficient as the Reliance jio network does. The multi party audio and video conferencing service cannot be better enjoyed in any other network apart from jio. There are services like call waiting , call management and call forwarding. identification and restriction services are also made a part of the jio Service.

Final words

There is not just one option when there is an ongoing beep sound because of call waiting. There are several options for the receiver to choose and answer. One can pick up the call or also reject it on the spot. it is totally up to you whether the call is accepted, put on hold or rejected.  In any case, call waiting is a great feature that keeps you away from missing important phone calls that can otherwise cause huge losses.

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