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How to Factory Data Reset Netgear Router?

Factory Data Reset Router

Factory resetting netgear router deletes all the settings and personalization that you have made in the device. It would put the entire model in the default mode including the password and the username. However, it should be remembered that factory reset is a vital step for restoring the original settings and is getting away from any present issues in the router. It is indeed the easiest step towards troubleshooting the router at home.

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The built-in feature uses software to automatically delete all the data present in the device. The process returns the device in the exact mode in which you had purchased it.  In other words, factory reset means Resetting the device in a mode when it was manufactured in a factory. The process helps in fixing the major errors and also proves worthwhile in case you have lost the credentials.

What is the need of factory reset?

Performing a factory reset is not at all hard . The process is meant for the users so that they can easily resolve issues at home. The feature of factory reset in the Netgear devices is not just meant for managing your data but is also important for troubleshooting the general issues. Instead of managing lengthy procedures of troubleshooting, pressing the reset option available in the device itself can save your time and patience.

All the installed applications, accounts, software, personal data and passwords are erased from the device memory . everything is wiped out absolutely clean and therefore you should at least keep a backup of all the vital data.

Reasons why factory reset becomes important

  • Unresponsive device

If your device is responding late or  hanging during operations, factory reset becomes a necessity in such a case. You should not ignore the problem because it can eventually end up creating bigger troubles. Performing a simple factory reset would make the device perform as smooth as it did earlier.

  • Slow connection

Changing the credentials quite often and operating the device frequently can make it flooded with a lot of internal data. Perform a factory reset and let it work with minimal possible information.

Are there any drawbacks of factory reset?

Factory reset doesn’t  perfectly help the user to get away from the issues. It is a great option but there comes a greater threat of  loosing your local storage data. The process of factory reset takes place on the main memory of the device and it does not affect the SD cards. So if you have anything that it can be backed up in the SD card, always do that first before performing the factory reset.

How to perform factory reset in Netgear Router?

  • Verify the power light of your router and make sure that it is connected with an electrical connection.
  • Netgear router comes with factory restore settings as a reset button at the back panel of the device.
  • You need to press and hold the reset option for several seconds and then release it to perform the factory reset successfully.
  • Your router is back to the default settings.

What are the default credentials of the Netgear router?

  • Username – admin
  • Password – password

Step by step guide to reset Netgear cable modem router-

  • Identify the reset option towards the back panel of your cable modem router.
  • With the help of a sharp object or a paper clip, hold the reset option and release it so that your cable modem router reboots.
  • You have successfully reset your cable modem router

A few important tips to be remembered-

  • Make sure that you have no device connected with power supply before performing the factory reset.
  • Press the reset option for at least 30 seconds if it doesn’t work try pressing it for 1 minute

I am unable to get back the LED light after resetting Netgear Router, what to do?

  • If you do not get the blinking light back after pressing the reset option, there is a problem in the internal unit of the device.

Is it possible to factory reset a Netgear router wirelessly?

No, unlike smartphones, it is impossible to factory reset the Netgear router wirelessly

NETGEAR Router Login |

NETGEAR Router Login

When you prioritize the internet speed quality utmost, Wireless Range of routers from Netgear router login should be your choice for sure . High end Wi-Fi networks are the backbone of your company and smart home. If you execute the majority of the tasks online, having a sound internet connection with a a featured device is a must. The Netgear Wi-Fi router gives you the widest speed coverage so that you can meet your video streaming, internet, and gaming requirements in the best possible way.

Router Login

Netgear Wi-Fi devices are featured with advanced technology so that establishing a stable Internet connection at home becomes possible.

  • Beamforming

The beamforming feature allows the internet Wi-Fi signal to reach out to all the devices including the phones, computer and the tablets so that they can work with highest possible speed.

  • Dual band

The dual band Wi-Fi connection keeps one away from any kind of interference and unwanted disturbances.

  • 11 AC Technology

Current range of Wi-Fi routers from Netgear deliver the best performance with 802.11 ac Technology. There is no device that can perform better in the absence of such Technology.

Netgear Router Login steps

The initial thing that you need to do after purchasing a Netgear router is to do the basic settings. Performing Netgear router login is very important to access the settings of the router and customise a username and the password.

Before beginning up with the process, you need to visit the Netgear support in order to download the quick start guide of your model.

How do we access the router login settings?

  • With the help of your computer or a mobile device, launch a browser and type 192.1 68.1.1 as the default login address of the router. You can use any web browser including Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome or any other browser that suits you.
  • If You can’t open the router login page with the help of IP address, you can also choose to type http://routerlogin.Net and that would help you to reach that Netgear login page straight away with just one click.
  • Choose search option
  • If in case you get a popup that the connection is not secured, simply verify the web address that you have provided and proceed further.
  • Provide your username and password within the login window to manage things further. You need to give the default username as admin and password as the default password to move ahead.
  • Choose ok and login

How to access Netgear admin page

You need to know the IP address of the router if you want to log on to the Netgear admin page with just one click. so if you are searching for some relevant steps that can help you to access the router admin page, here are the steps for that –

  • Network that your computer is connected with the router either through ethernet cable for a wireless network.
  • If in case you have been accessing the router through some other network and not with the Netgear Wi-Fi, you need to access remote administration. It is important to know the external IP to make things work.
  • Provide the IP address of the router in the empty URL of your browser and then hit enter option.
  • You will automatically reach the admin page where credentials are required to be provided.

Router comes with default username and password – admin. However, some of the routers might have different default credentials that can be somewhat difficult to guess. The documentation that comes along with the router has all the basic information including the IP address, username and the password.

I cannot access my Netgear router

Even after furnishing the correct username and password, if you find it difficult to access the Netgear router page, it is important to reboot your device. Here are some tips and tricks that are important to eliminate Netgear router login errors-

 Netgear Router troubleshoot errors 

Before we learn to troubleshoot the Netgear router, it is important to download the nighthawk app to support most of the device functions. The nighthawk application is very important for troubleshooting the device most of the time.

Using a Netgear router is a matter of good choice. There are applications and a lot of stuff through which you can enhance the interactivity of the device and enjoy better features from it. If you want to enhance the performance of the device and eliminate the errors before this occurred, you must always troubleshoot the Netgear router issues. Accessing the official web page off the router is very important to resolve the majority of the problems. For the rest of the problems, here are the solutions-

  • Reboot

Switch off the Netgear router device and switch it on to overcome the network problem that has been frequently occurring. Majority of the problems can be resolved by performing a simple reboot.

  1. Remove the power cable of the router and wait for a couple of minutes before putting it back in the socket.
  2. Make sure that in the meanwhile you restart the Computer as well.
  3. Check out the internet LED of your modem. If it is blinking while after plugging it in the socket, there is no issue in your device.
  4. Try to access the internet once again by connecting it with an ethernet cable or simply using the Wi-Fi feature of the Netgear router.
  • Resolving connection has been reset Error

If you are constantly facing connection reset errors from the Netgear router, it would be a better option to put the device back into its default factory mode. After all,  setting a Reliable internet connection is the main priority for every user.

  1. Press the reset option present in the hardware for 15 seconds.
  2. Restart the router soon after the light starts blinking
  3. Start using the router after problems into the Netgear page and entering the default credentials.
  • Perform Netgear router firmware update

Your Router might start malfunctioning if it is running on an outdated firmware. Just like every other gadget, a Netgear router also needs to run with an updated software. For that matter, you just need to manage login into the webpage of the application and the topmost message in your screen will let you know the latest software.

  1. Find out the administration section
  2. Reachout advance tab application under it
  3. Identify the update available In that section and simply click to manage the firmware update.
  • Managing router placement

If your router is not Placed correctly, it will be very difficult to receive a sound internet connection. If you want all the devices of the home or the office to receive consistent internet connectivity, make sure that the router is placed in the central area . The Wi-Fi device must catch the signals in order to distribute them to two different devices.

  • Enabling dynamic quality of service in Netgear routers

The more gadgets are connected with a router, the lower would be the speed. As an intelligent option, activate the quality of service feature in the Netgear router so that you can receive internet connection according to the priority of the task. Video streaming, heavy gaming and downloading stuff will be given a better bandwidth with the dynamic QoS Service.

  1. Log on to the web page of the router
  2. Identify the sidebar and within the basic menu you will find a dynamic qos option.
  • Netgear router Can’t login issue resolved

Either you might be lacking access to the configuration or do not know the exact instructions that have to be followed for Netgear router login. Once you know the step by step guide for Netgear router login, you would do it all. Carefully read the how-to guide available above in the starting of the article.

Advanced tips to solve Netgear router errors –

  1. Reboot your internet device and the modem at the same time.
  2.  use safe mode in the web browser to disallow any kind of unwanted intrusions.
  3. Connect your computer straight away to the router
  4. Scan for the Malware
  5. Check out if the IP address is correct
  6. Try managing the lan drivers because they might get outdated with time
  7. Remove the web history and browser cache

How to recover Netgear admin password?

The password recovery feature in the Netgear routers helps the users to remain at peace even if they forget the credentials. It is always recommended to enable the password recovery feature after accessing the admin page so that you would never have to face any difficulties in the future. If in case you forgot to enable the password recovery option initially during the setup, you need to perform a factory reset in the device to restore it in the default mode.

Recovery password with password recovery feature-

  • Open the web browser in a computer that is already connected to the Netgear Wi-Fi network and has sound internet connectivity.
  • Login to router login. Net in the address bar
  • Hit cancel
  • Access the password recovery window
  • Write the serial number of the router written on the back.
  • Click continue and you will find certain security questions that you need to carefully answer.
  • Hit continue and your admin password will automatically display.

How to change Netgear Router Wi-Fi password?

Netgear Wi-Fi password is also known as SSID name. In order to change the network name or password, here are the steps included –

  • Using an internet browser, type the IP address of the Netgear router or log onto the login page by entering routerlogin.Net in the URL.
  • provide the username and password of the Netgear device and click ok to find the basic homepage on your screen.
  • Hit wireless
  • Provide SSID name or the new network name in the respective field.
  • Provide the new username and apply option.
  • It will automatically save all the changes.

How to manage Netgear Router security alerts?

If you are constantly receiving an email saying that your router requires a security update, it simply means that there is a security event that helps in receiving email notifications in the router. While configuring the router, you would have allowed receiving emails from the router because of which now you are getting security alerts from the device. Do not worry, the security alerts on the Netgear device are legitimate.

How to disable security alerts from Netgear router?

If you cannot tolerate the irritating emails sent by the Netgear router in the form of security alerts, a better option would be to turn them off by following the below mentioned steps –

  1. Access the login portal of the Netgear router and click wireless setup option
  2. Under the security option, click none
  3. Save the settings after performing the above mentioned steps, you will never get the security alerts from the Netgear router ever again.

Download Netgear nighthawk app for maximum support and convenience

The Better you can manage a Wi-Fi device, the easier it becomes to Grab sound internet connection. The nighthawk app supports a variety of settings with just one finger touch.

  1. You can let you configure your Wi-Fi security password, username and other important credentials.
  2. View all the devices that are connected with your network and block away the unwanted ones.
  3. The Parental Control feature in the Netgear router is amazing. You can enable Firewall and do all the settings that are important keeping certain things in mind.
  4. Configuring the guest Wi-Fi network
  5. Walking together router installation process

Final words

 Anyone can buy a router belonging to any random brand. However when it comes to having an uncompromising internet speed and a brand trust, Netgear routers win the hearts. The easy setup and constant customer care support is one of the prime reasons why it is prominent all over the world. All the details about the models are mentioned either in the box or on the router package. in the presence of all the vital information, performing troubleshoot and login steps becomes highly convenient for the user. Stay tuned to router login for more technical and Ip/ router wifi box related updated and tips !!!

What is An IP address?

What is An IP address?

IP address is alternatively known as the internet address which keeps you linked to the world. With millions of computer users surfing different websites with the help of internet connection, it is very important to know the address of each computer. Fundamentally speaking, IP address refers to the network address of a computer so that it becomes easy to track emails, pictures, data and other information about the user.

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As a matter of fact, the majority of the users are unaware about what IP address is and how things work. We do not want you to remain in the category of ignorant individuals and therefore, we have got all the information regarding the concept of IP address.

IP address is also very necessary for a computer to create a connection with a smart device . if you want to communicate over the internet, IP address is an important thing for that. Despite having a similar model of a modem, each of it comes with a different IP address. Just The Way You require an email address to send an email; similarly, a computer requires an IP address to Grab the network.

An IP address gives you information regarding the internet connection.

Fact About IP address

To put it is an example, every website such as Amazon, Disney and Apple comes with a unique IP address . despite having a certain name and a URL, it’s the IP address that exactly identifies the website.

What does the IP address look like?

An IP address consists of four sets of numbers,  each of which comprises 1 – 3 digits. just like : There is a dot that separates these sets and creates a whole IP address.

We must Express our gratitude to the IP address because it helps us to receive emails and execute Google searches.

An IP address is also very important in retrieving the data online. The segmented numbers have a duty of sending and receiving data from all over the world.

A few basic facts about IP address

An IP address helps A machine to work like a unique identifier. Just the letter would reach the exact mailing address, it is the computer’s unique address that helps to Grab data with the help of internet connection. Maximum of the networks now-a-days include TCP protocols to communicate online. The TCP or IP is what we call as the IP address of a computer.

  • Ipv4 has a combination of 32 binary bits for generating a single unique address. Each number is the decimal representation of an 8 digit binary .
  • IPv6 address uses 128 binary bits to create a unique IP address.

During the beginning of ipv4 address in, the internet was not so widely used . After the commercialization of several products and prolong usability of the internet, people started using IPv6 Technology. It became possible to adress computers after that.

How does a computer receive an IP address?

Now, this is an interesting question . IP addresses can be either created by the user himself by editing the network setting. Such an IP address is known as the static IP address. This might create network issues and is not used most of the time. The main IP address is the TCP one that is assigned by the dynamic host configuration protocol – service running the network. To put it all together, a dynamic IP address is the main one. Dynamic IP address exists for a limited time period. In case the lease expires, the computer automatically requires a new lease and it acquires a renewed IP address . it all happens automatically and there are no disputes created.

How to Increase Internet Speed?

Increase Speed of the Internet

The Internet plays a crucial role in executing the majority of the tasks in our life. no matter whether it is about embracing high-end entertainment or paying bills , almost everything requires high speed internet connectivity . at times, the internet speed can go down thereby creating a lot of troubles . In such a case the users have to follow certain guidelines to induce the speed at maximum possible . maybe there is an underlying issue that is not allowing the network to catch up the required pace . here are certain things that you can do about it-

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  • Conduct a virus scan

No matter how well your router performs, if your computer is flooded with virus attacks, it can be very difficult to make the Internet work fast . Always keep a good antivirus to eliminate the unwanted Malware and Virus attack.

  • Check out filters

In case you find your internet connection not working fast, make sure that you keep a note of the filters that have been activated . Sometimes, the applied filters end up creating a lot of trouble in accessing a good speed internet . make sure you disable them for a better quality internet from your router device.

  • Plug in

Internet speed can never work that well if you have been using wired connection from the router . It has been observed that the majority of the time Wi-Fi connections work better than the wired ones.

  • Shorten and replace cables

The length of the cable can affect the overall speed of the internet . also , if it has become old and obsolete it does require a replacement no matter whether it is long or short. Try to access the internet with newer and shorter cables.

  • Switching it off and on

No matter whether it is the router for the device that is connected with the internet, switching things off and on always work in resolving the majority of the issues . The same applies with the speed of the internet as well.

  • Keep the firmware and software updated

You need to update the router modem regularly so that there are no entrances while operating the internet . For example, if you have been using a Netgear router, visit the official website of the device and download the most compatible version of firmware.

  • Check out the cabling

Sometimes, the issue underlies  from the end of the internet service provider. It simply means that they will send a burger from the company to the home and they will be finding out the probable issue.

  • Reset the router

The easiest thing that you can do to resolve the internet issue is to reset the router . there is an option for that in the device itself . you just have to press the reset option for a couple of seconds and the device will automatically reach the default mode . This will eliminate the present issues in the router and the internet connection will automatically work better.

  • Manage the connected devices

The speed of the internet automatically decreases because of division taking place in a number of devices that are connected to a . if you want the internet speed to be at Zenith, make sure that there is just one main device connected to the router at a single time .

  • Changing the browser

Different browsers have different capabilities and functions . if you are an internet connection is just not working well, maybe your internet browser is not that supported . try changing it once.

Router Passwords

Default Router Passwords

Here are the list of most popular default router passwords across the globe which are in use !!!You can also find the default password for your Router’s Admin Panel in the given table below:

Router Brand Login IP Username Password
admin admin
D-Link admin admin
Netgear admin password
Linksys admin admin
Asus admin admin
Belkin admin admin
Huawei admin admin
Cisco admin
Tenda admin admin
BenQ admin admin
Digicom admin michelangelo
Sitecom admin admin
Thomson admin user
US Robotics admin admin

Router IP Addresses

Router IP Addresses

For most of the routers in the world, the IP address will be and below we are providing the latest and updated vast list of router IP’s for you !!!

Here is a table of all the default IP Addresses for different routers. Besides, you can read our guide on how to find your Router IP Address.

List of Router IP Addresses

Router Brand Login IP Address
Amped Wireless
SMC Networks
U.S. Robotics

Difference between dynamic vs static IP

Difference between dynamic vs static IP

What is an IP address?

The unique number associated with every device working on a network is known as the IP address . IP address ( aka internet protocol exactly works like a street address that is needed to determine where a particular letter has to be posted . every internet service using a domain name system in order to enable people to use certain words instead of numbers for identifying the internet address. DNS also refers to the internet address that is useful in mapping domain names for the IP address .

While a person types a certain URL in the empty box of the browser, that particular website address would ask for the DNS of the website IP address . the DNS would eventually return the IP address that is assigned to the domain name of the website . as a result, the browser is able to connect a computer with that particular IP address.

What is the exact difference between static and dynamic IP address?

The address remains constant in case of static IP address . on the other hand, the dynamic IP address changes when a device is connected with a network .

When do we exactly need an IP address?

IP addresses are generally required when the website needs to Remember the IP address of a device . VPN services often whitelist IP addresses for the security purposes . usually there is no need for an IP address when a website is hosted over a server .

How do we receive dynamic IP addresses?

Dynamic IP address is received with the help of advanced settings off the computer . the moment an IP address changes the DNS entry for the server is automatically updated . therefore the new users can use the similar domain name . one can choose the dynamic DNS provider so that there is no need to install the additional software in the computer .

How do we receive a static IP address?

  • One can use the advanced settings to reserve the IP address for a specific device running on the Local Network . every device keeps the same IP address until and unless you personally remove the device from the network .
  • The moment a device signs up for Google fibre for a small scale business, it can select an option to have no static IP address . A single IP address for multiple devices if you are shown on the screen of the computer while signing up . in case you sign up for the static IP address, you will be assigned with an address for the service when it is installed and activated .
  • There is either a dynamic IP address associated with a device that has signed up for an internet service provider . dynamic itself means constant change and that is the reason such a kind of IP address is not much powerful because it tends to change with time.
  • Talking about the static IP address, it is more stable and it does not change.
  • Majority of the IP addresses for which we sign up today are over the internet service provider and dynamic in nature . they are cost effective for the user as well as for the internet service provider.

Final words

To be very honest, IP addresses are all about numbers and nothing else . It is mainly about the quality of internet connection . if the internet connection is working well it does not matter whether you are using a static or a dynamic IP address.

What is the Mac Address?

What is the Mac address?

No matter whether your device is connected with a wired or wireless connection, there is always a requirement for cables and routers to transfer data from one destination to another . at the end, it is very essential to have an IP address . the network interface card is specifically present in the computer circuit to make network connections possible for your computer .

  • The network interface card is important to turn data into electrical signals so that they can be distributed all over a specific network .
  • Every interface card comes with a hardware address that we refer to as the Mac address . typically it stands for media access control . just like an IP address [ ] is related with networking software, the Mac address is linked with hardware of a network adapter .
  • The router device carries a Mac address the moment it is manufactured. Such an address is hardcoded in the network of the computer with all the uniqueness . It is something that is also called address resolution protocol which translates the IP address into a Mac address . The aarp also works like a passport that extracts data from an IP address with the help of an actual piece of computer hardware.
  • It is the software and the hardware working together just the way IP address and MAC address are combined together . Mac address is also known as the hardware address because it is mentioned in the device that helps in connecting with the internet . it is the physical address off the network interface card.

Mac address doesn’t actually appear like IP address because it consists of 6 sets of two digit characters that are typically separated by Colons.

Dell, Cisco, nortel and Belkin are some of the well known brands that manufacture network adaptors . These manufacturers create a special number sequence that identifies them as the main manufacturer .

MAC address and networks go hand in hand

Almost every device working on the same network has a different MAC address. Each MAC address is very important in diagnosing the present and potential issues in the network . Mac addresses are never prone to changes and they are opposite to the dynamic IP address that keeps on changing regularly . For most of the network administrators, a mac address is one of the best ways to identify the receivers and the centres of the data on a specific network.

Internet specifically uses Mac addresses and therefore the centre requires to get the Mac address off the device in case of ARP .

What is wireless router and Mac filtering?

The wireless networks come up with Mac filtering as a security measure to prohibit any unknown person accessing the network . when a person uses MAC address filtering, it allows the router to accept traffic only from Limited Mac addresses . therefore only those devices that have approved Mac addresses are able to communicate to the network .

Final words

Every device that is connected with the internet has an IP address and a unique MAC address that helps in identifying a specific network . talking about the IP address and MAC address, both of them are important components of networking and devices . Mac addresses are often referred to low level basics that help in boosting the internet based network . Each network card comes with a unique MAC address. Targets of data are transferred over the Ethernet always arise from one MAC address and sent to another MAC address .

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