What is DNS Server ?

What is DNS Server ?

DNS allows the users to connect two different websites with the help of domain names instead of IP addresses . The full form of DNS stands for domain name system and it was like the phone book of the internet . It is Meant to access information online through domain name instead of IP address . web browsers interacting through internet protocol address translate domain names to IP address the browsers can portray internet websites on screen.

Every device that is connected to the internet comes with a unique IP address which is difficult for other machines to find . button service usually eliminate the requirement of humans to remember the IP address available in numeric forms .

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How does a DNS service exactly work?

DNS resolution basically involves converting the website address into the computer IP address . a separate IP address is ap.ed to each device over the internet and that is very necessary to find the the device address . whenever a user load a page there should be translation occurring immediately so that there is a machine friendly address that can easily locate the web page

You must understand the workability of different hardware components which the DNS query is expected to pass . For most of the websites, DNS query takes place in the background.

What is the exact difference between a recursive DNS resolver and a DNS server?

Both the concepts are referred to the group of services that are important for the DNS infrastructure . Each of it has a different role play in lives in different locations within the pipeline of a DNS query.

  • An important way to think about the difference of the the recursive resolver is regarding the commencement of the DNS query and the end of the authoritative
  •  name server .
  • Recursive DNS resolver

Talking about the recursive resolver, it refers to a computer that immediately responds to the recursive request arising from the end of the client . it takes a certain time to track the exact DNS record in order to use it for these reasons . it takes place with the help of several requests reaching the authoritative DNS name server for the requested record.

There is not always a requirement to make multiple requests in order to track down the required records . cache data is a persistent process that results in the short circuit of the necessary request by taking a note of the requested resource record .

What is an authoritative DNS server all about?

To put it in very simple words, an authoritative DNS server is the thing that actually holds the DNS resource records . it is also responsible for the same . This particular server is located at the bottom of the DNS  is the thing that responds to the queried resource record . it allows the web browser making the request to reach out the IP address that is needed to access the website web address.

Authoritative name server also has a role play to satisfy queries that arise from its own data and it does not require any query from another source. It serves as the final source for the evidence of certain DNS records.

It should be mentioned that in certain instances where there is the query for subdomain , an additional name server is added to the sequence of the authoritative name server that is responsible for keeping the name of the subdomain.

Where does the DNS caching occur?

The purpose is to temporarily store data in a certain locations that results in the better performance and reliability of the data request . DNS caching involves data storage closer to the requesting client in order to resolve the DNS query.

What is An IP address?

What is An IP address?

IP address is alternatively known as the internet address which keeps you linked to the world. With millions of computer users surfing different websites with the help of internet connection, it is very important to know the address of each computer. Fundamentally speaking, IP address refers to the network address of a computer so that it becomes easy to track emails, pictures, data and other information about the user.

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As a matter of fact, the majority of the users are unaware about what IP address is and how things work. We do not want you to remain in the category of ignorant individuals and therefore, we have got all the information regarding the concept of IP address.

IP address is also very necessary for a computer to create a connection with a smart device . if you want to communicate over the internet, IP address is an important thing for that. Despite having a similar model of a modem, each of it comes with a different IP address. Just The Way You require an email address to send an email; similarly, a computer requires an IP address to Grab the network.

An IP address gives you information regarding the internet connection.

Fact About IP address

To put it is an example, every website such as Amazon, Disney and Apple comes with a unique IP address . despite having a certain name and a URL, it’s the IP address that exactly identifies the website.

What does the IP address look like?

An IP address consists of four sets of numbers,  each of which comprises 1 – 3 digits. just like : There is a dot that separates these sets and creates a whole IP address.

We must Express our gratitude to the IP address because it helps us to receive emails and execute Google searches.

An IP address is also very important in retrieving the data online. The segmented numbers have a duty of sending and receiving data from all over the world.

A few basic facts about IP address

An IP address helps A machine to work like a unique identifier. Just the letter would reach the exact mailing address, it is the computer’s unique address that helps to Grab data with the help of internet connection. Maximum of the networks now-a-days include TCP protocols to communicate online. The TCP or IP is what we call as the IP address of a computer.

  • Ipv4 has a combination of 32 binary bits for generating a single unique address. Each number is the decimal representation of an 8 digit binary .
  • IPv6 address uses 128 binary bits to create a unique IP address.

During the beginning of ipv4 address in, the internet was not so widely used . After the commercialization of several products and prolong usability of the internet, people started using IPv6 Technology. It became possible to adress computers after that.

How does a computer receive an IP address?

Now, this is an interesting question . IP addresses can be either created by the user himself by editing the network setting. Such an IP address is known as the static IP address. This might create network issues and is not used most of the time. The main IP address is the TCP one that is assigned by the dynamic host configuration protocol – service running the network. To put it all together, a dynamic IP address is the main one. Dynamic IP address exists for a limited time period. In case the lease expires, the computer automatically requires a new lease and it acquires a renewed IP address . it all happens automatically and there are no disputes created.

Router Passwords

Default Router Passwords

Here are the list of most popular default router passwords across the globe which are in use !!!You can also find the default password for your Router’s Admin Panel in the given table below:

Router Brand Login IP Username Password
admin admin
D-Link admin admin
Netgear admin password
Linksys admin admin
Asus admin admin
Belkin admin admin
Huawei admin admin
Cisco admin
Tenda admin admin
BenQ admin admin
Digicom admin michelangelo
Sitecom admin admin
Thomson admin user
US Robotics admin admin

Router IP Addresses

Router IP Addresses

For most of the routers in the world, the IP address will be and below we are providing the latest and updated vast list of router IP’s for you !!!

Here is a table of all the default IP Addresses for different routers. Besides, you can read our guide on how to find your Router IP Address.

List of Router IP Addresses

Router Brand Login IP Address
Amped Wireless
SMC Networks
U.S. Robotics

Difference between dynamic vs static IP

Difference between dynamic vs static IP

What is an IP address?

The unique number associated with every device working on a network is known as the IP address . IP address ( aka internet protocol exactly works like a street address that is needed to determine where a particular letter has to be posted . every internet service using a domain name system in order to enable people to use certain words instead of numbers for identifying the internet address. DNS also refers to the internet address that is useful in mapping domain names for the IP address .

While a person types a certain URL in the empty box of the browser, that particular website address would ask for the DNS of the website IP address . the DNS would eventually return the IP address that is assigned to the domain name of the website . as a result, the browser is able to connect a computer with that particular IP address.

What is the exact difference between static and dynamic IP address?

The address remains constant in case of static IP address . on the other hand, the dynamic IP address changes when a device is connected with a network .

When do we exactly need an IP address?

IP addresses are generally required when the website needs to Remember the IP address of a device . VPN services often whitelist IP addresses for the security purposes . usually there is no need for an IP address when a website is hosted over a server .

How do we receive dynamic IP addresses?

Dynamic IP address is received with the help of advanced settings off the computer . the moment an IP address changes the DNS entry for the server is automatically updated . therefore the new users can use the similar domain name . one can choose the dynamic DNS provider so that there is no need to install the additional software in the computer .

How do we receive a static IP address?

  • One can use the advanced settings to reserve the IP address for a specific device running on the Local Network . every device keeps the same IP address until and unless you personally remove the device from the network .
  • The moment a device signs up for Google fibre for a small scale business, it can select an option to have no static IP address . A single IP address for multiple devices if you are shown on the screen of the computer while signing up . in case you sign up for the static IP address, you will be assigned with an address for the service when it is installed and activated .
  • There is either a dynamic IP address associated with a device that has signed up for an internet service provider . dynamic itself means constant change and that is the reason such a kind of IP address is not much powerful because it tends to change with time.
  • Talking about the static IP address, it is more stable and it does not change.
  • Majority of the IP addresses for which we sign up today are over the internet service provider and dynamic in nature . they are cost effective for the user as well as for the internet service provider.

Final words

To be very honest, IP addresses are all about numbers and nothing else . It is mainly about the quality of internet connection . if the internet connection is working well it does not matter whether you are using a static or a dynamic IP address.

What is the Mac Address?

What is the Mac address?

No matter whether your device is connected with a wired or wireless connection, there is always a requirement for cables and routers to transfer data from one destination to another . at the end, it is very essential to have an IP address . the network interface card is specifically present in the computer circuit to make network connections possible for your computer .

  • The network interface card is important to turn data into electrical signals so that they can be distributed all over a specific network .
  • Every interface card comes with a hardware address that we refer to as the Mac address . typically it stands for media access control . just like an IP address [ ] is related with networking software, the Mac address is linked with hardware of a network adapter .
  • The router device carries a Mac address the moment it is manufactured. Such an address is hardcoded in the network of the computer with all the uniqueness . It is something that is also called address resolution protocol which translates the IP address into a Mac address . The aarp also works like a passport that extracts data from an IP address with the help of an actual piece of computer hardware.
  • It is the software and the hardware working together just the way IP address and MAC address are combined together . Mac address is also known as the hardware address because it is mentioned in the device that helps in connecting with the internet . it is the physical address off the network interface card.

Mac address doesn’t actually appear like IP address because it consists of 6 sets of two digit characters that are typically separated by Colons.

Dell, Cisco, nortel and Belkin are some of the well known brands that manufacture network adaptors . These manufacturers create a special number sequence that identifies them as the main manufacturer .

MAC address and networks go hand in hand

Almost every device working on the same network has a different MAC address. Each MAC address is very important in diagnosing the present and potential issues in the network . Mac addresses are never prone to changes and they are opposite to the dynamic IP address that keeps on changing regularly . For most of the network administrators, a mac address is one of the best ways to identify the receivers and the centres of the data on a specific network.

Internet specifically uses Mac addresses and therefore the centre requires to get the Mac address off the device in case of ARP .

What is wireless router and Mac filtering?

The wireless networks come up with Mac filtering as a security measure to prohibit any unknown person accessing the network . when a person uses MAC address filtering, it allows the router to accept traffic only from Limited Mac addresses . therefore only those devices that have approved Mac addresses are able to communicate to the network .

Final words

Every device that is connected with the internet has an IP address and a unique MAC address that helps in identifying a specific network . talking about the IP address and MAC address, both of them are important components of networking and devices . Mac addresses are often referred to low level basics that help in boosting the internet based network . Each network card comes with a unique MAC address. Targets of data are transferred over the Ethernet always arise from one MAC address and sent to another MAC address .

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