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India post is a leading mail delivery pioneer, which is established around 1850 and has the best staff with its operations in India and also internationally proves that it is the best market leader. It is the market pioneer in distributing parcels and packages in India. It has a mobile application. By using this mobile App, all the customers around the world can find registered post tracking of their articles. Indian postal services mobile app always track delivery, monitor parcels progress, manage their accounts, addresses and delivery particulars. Registered post is also called registration.

Department of Indian postal service is a part of Government of India based organization. Registered post is the top level service and most important service in Indian post office. India post prides them on offering what the customer’s needs. Registration is reliable, responsive, trustworthiness and value for money basis to the customers. It works with a few extensive integrator and corner administrators and in addition with abroad operators. With this blend department of posts work out the best and most conservative transportation alternatives for customers. In India, its work places are Mumbai, Chennai, Cochin, Bangalore and operators are everywhere throughout the Indian nation. It resolved to give customers the most noteworthy quality scope of financially savvy and solid expedited service administrations in the business sector.

Indian postal service is one of the prime companies in India and also on this world. It is widely known for its domestic mail delivery service provider. Its goal is to help Indian users to supply a complete platform to serve all their needs. This industry is known for fast, reliable and really inexpensive shipping methodology. The main aim is to establish global alliances and growing stronger model recognition.

It offers a variety of customized solutions for logistic ventures, from delivery success to warehousing to customs clearance. Using this top level company, you can ship anyplace in India and overseas utilizing the most effective courier company and at discounted rates. Its offers the services with firm are greatest for its high quality of service and unique multi product offering.

The services offered by Indian postal service are international, categorical, domestic express, freight forwarding, logistics, shop & ship, catalog providers. The shipments or logistics delivered via freight forwarding through air, sea and land. It owns modern truck fleets with GPS track expertise, which supply a cost efficient various air shipments for shorter distances.

Registered post is offering three types of express services to its customers, those are given below:

  • Domestic Express – Door to door reliable service, next day packaging delivery, collects packages from suppliers, cash on delivery and also returns undelivered goods.
  • Export Express – Registration operates in India. It ships packages to different destinations of India. It provides definitive time for delivering the packages to every nook of India.
  • Import Express – It offers a special service for importing the packages and delivers consignments only to the specified person. The receiver and sender can track the packages online.
registered post tracking

How to Track Registered Post

The department of Indian postal services is delivering 1575 crore mails in every year. In India it has 154149 post offices and 564701 letter boxes. The main feature of Indian post is the mobile app based registered post tracking. By using this feature the user can track the article status and delivery status at every stage. The tracking procedure is given below:

  • The article or parcel or package or consignment tracking number is printed on the booking receipt.
  • It is a unique 13 digit barcode, which identifies the tracking number.
  • Enter this barcode in the form, and then press the ‘Enter’ button. You will get the status.
  • One of modern feature bring by Indian post is SMS service. Using this service, it is easy to get status in mobile phone.

Registered Letter Tracking Number Format

While tracking the India post, please ensure that you’re using correct number format to track the parcel. The formats are given below:

  • Registered Post‘ is in the format of ‘RX123456789IN’. And it is a ‘13’ digit tracking number.
  • Domestic EMS Speed Mail’ is in the format of ‘EE123456789IN’. And it is a ‘13’ digit reference number.
  • International EMS Speed Mail’ is in the format of ‘EE123456789XX’. And it is a ‘13’ digit tracking number.
  • Electronic Money Order’ is in the format of ‘123456789123456789’. And it is a ‘18’ digit reference number.
  • Express Parcel Post’ is in the format of ‘XX123456789XX’. And it is a ‘13’ digit tracking number.

Registered Post App Features

The best features of registered post in India post tracking app are given below:

  • Registered Letter tracking.
  • Package visibility.
  • In-app payment.
  • Schedule delivery.
  • Schedule pickup.
  • Rate calculator.
  • Office locator.

Registration Products and Services

The products and services of Registered post are given below:

  • E-commerce solutions.
  • Logistics solutions.
  • Small business solutions.
  • Developer’s solution center.
  • Drop and Ship. And Shop and Ship.
  • Information management.
  • Warehousing of dangerous goods.
  • Catering for storage of dangerous goods.

Registered Post Features

  • It serves all the needs of customers for various destinations across India.
  • It also serves all the needs of customers for various destinations around the globe.
  • It is new generation Courier Company.
  • Safe, fastest and door to door services.
  • On time delivery. Valuable or priority package and time bound deliveries.
  • Greetings or gifts and bouquet. Online registered post tracking.
  • Long term customer relations. Automated customer support.
  • Mass courier mailing and bulk dispatches.
  • Tailor-made logistics solutions, outsourcing, warehousing, sorting, stuffing and packing.
  • Data to dispatch service. And also Printing, stuffing and dispatch.

India postal service is the largest postal network in the world. Registration post services are best logistics service, when compared to other services. It is providing fast, reliable, value added services and value for money basis registered post tracking services to the customers. Finally it is the market leader in the logistics industry.

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